Margie Carroll

Tomnao Children’s Book Series Review

As a children’s book author, I look for a plethora of compelling content, presentation, and purpose displayed in new books for kids before I embrace them.

The new book series by Tomnao? Consider them embraced. There is no hate, no violence, no sarcasm, no alien attacks, no fear, just engaging tales wonderful enough to sooth a child before bedtime and drift like a dream layer overhead as sleep settles in.

The sparse text is dense and thought provoking. The author, Tommy Seminara, draws from his childhood memories and life experiences to stage the tender story lines. You can say the same thing about the contributions of the magical illustrations by Naomi Litzenblatt. They wrap the story text in layers of flowing garlands of color and movement. After all, Naomi was a ballerina.

Take your time enjoying this gentle, soulful series. You won’t skip pages reading this to your kids at night even if they are nodding off.

- Margie K. Carroll


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