Jane R.

The Boy and The Yellow Cheese Review

A treasure for the young and the young at heart is a book called The Boy and The Yellow Cheese by Thomas V. Seminara. The story, sprinkled with whimsical imagery, is an old fashioned narrative about a boy and his after school adventure.

As a former educator, I was engaged by the descriptive writing in the tale which embraces a poignant lesson about the importance of small kindnesses and being thankful. The first time I read this book to my seven grandchildren, they were captivated as they listened and applauded at the conclusion. Quietly, they slipped into another room and prepared a re-enactment of the entire book. Their response compelled me to realize the powerful message, "Even the smallest good deed can have a large impact" had upon them.

The illustrations by Naomi M. Litzenblatt are so phenomenal in pencil and water color that each page is a piece of art. The drawings truly compliment the fanciful nature of the story.

By blending the intriguing storyline with the delightfull art, The Boy and The Yellow Cheese is a book to be read, reread and relished by multiple generations.

- Jane R., Educator and Grandmother of 7


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