What a Blessing !
January 21, 2017

Getting to Know the Author

My Story as an Author

I’m Tommy Seminara, the author of Tomnao Books. I was born in the 1950s into a very large Italian family set in tradition. Crazily humorous, but most of all devoted to each other. I have an older sister, Rosemary – “what else.” She was named after Grandma Rose and Grandma Mary. Rosemary inherited all the grandma traits, including Sunday dinner at her house for everybody. I also have a younger brother, Gary, who came along when we needed a spark and we got it !

Our parents were in love and in like for over 60 years, rare to say the least. I have many, I mean “many” first cousins. We get together as often as possible. We were brought up to respect people of all ages and to embrace differences with acceptance and love unconditionally. I learned to approach each day with humor because it is humor that gets us through the difficult days. So story telling with lessons of life and values is intrinsic to who I am.img_1572

Tomnao Books evolved over lunch in the winter of 2014. A close friend, Naomi M. Litzenblatt, and I were casually discussing our dreams for the future. Me, I would like to write children’s books and I had a story in my mind about The Boy and The Yellow Cheese. She always desired to illustrate. So we decided to collaborate and toasted with our cups of coffee. Wow, what can I say about Naomi. She is magnificent. Her aura exudes her brilliant and creative artistry. Check out her art and see for yourself here.img_1570

Together we became Tomnao Books.  Our creative minds flourished and soon had a second book called I Like Hot Dogs.   The theme to I Like Hot Dogs is to embrace your individuality.   You and your children or grandchildren will be fascinated with our stories and Naomi’s illustrations.  The message with The Boy and The Yellow Cheese is never allow the opportunity to say thank you to slip by.

Thanks so much for your time and interest in our books!

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