The Heart of The Matter Means Just Having a Heart

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January 21, 2017
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March 6, 2017

The Heart of The Matter Means Just Having a Heart

Heart of the Matter, Let’s Talk

Welcome to February and a belated Happy Valentine’s Day! As you put away your red and pink hearts and look to the spring ahead, it is important to remember that love is not just about romance, the heart of the matter is love is so much bigger than just having a significant other. 

heart of the matter_handswithheartIf you look at romantic love in terms of one life, most people actually only experience that “kind” of love for a very short number of years. Love of family and friends is much more prominent in our lives but yet seems to fall through the cracks at this time of year. Then there are other types of love.

Love for your community, your neighbors, your pets; love of nature; love of food (especially hot dogs, yellow cheese and pizza!); love of art; love of books, reading and my personal favorite…love of writing.

There are also types of love that we seem to fall short on sometimes, love of those who are different, unique, strangers, disabled, dysfunctional and sometimes those who just make it hard to love them.

The heart of the matter is that ALL deserve love, not matter who we are, who we worship, what we look like or how different we are.

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Rob Scheer’s Sharing His Heart Story

So as you put away the Valentine hearts of romance for the one day of the year that they represent, maybe it is time to bring out the hearts that represent the love of all for the other 364 days a year.

Now here is the real heart of the matter, how are YOU going to reflect, show and share that love? Each of us is born with a gift of giving love in one way or another. So my challenge to you is to find that gift within you and start sharing it. Check out how this one man found his gift and got to the heart of the matter in helping children in foster care. Read More…

If you have found your gift of sharing love, we would love to hear about it just leave us a comment or visit us on Facebook!


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