Giavonna B.

The Boy and The Yellow Cheese Review

As a self-proclaimed “geek”… Yeah I said it “geek”. Don’t get confused, not “nerd”, “geek” there is a difference. A “geek” (like me) has a social life and enjoys reading a good book. Speaking of good books, this one ranks in the top for me. Now, I have been reading since I was a toddler, so I have read many great books in my short 9 year life, and this one makes the list of “greats”. The book I am speaking of is: The Boy and The Yellow Cheese. I read it to my five year old sister, and I thought it was a well-written and wonderful story. The colorful illustrations and the lesson taught in the story are terrific. Perhaps, if more people were like “The Lady” and “The Boy” in this story our world today would be filled with love and peace instead of hate and sadness. Just think: Even the smallest good deed can have a large impact! Such a simple message with a powerful meaning. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a heartwarming and meaningful read. A job well done Thomas Vincent Seminara!

- Giavonna B. (age 9)


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