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Press Release From Tomnao Books-May 30, 2017
May 30, 2017
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Ballet Shoes Are Magical

A ballet dancers shoes are magical. Giving them the inspiration and freedom to pirouette or grand jete’ to another world. In Thomas V. Seminara’s latest book, The Ballerina In The Box, readers are introduced to characters that love dance. In particular for Nikolai, a young Russian boy, dance seems as much a part of his heart and soul as breathing. After reading Ballerina In The Box, I began to wonder about the times we are so compelled to follow a passionate dream even when it defies all logic or dare I say breaks the traditions of society. So I ask you, what do your ballet shoes look like?

ballet shoes_musicianFor me, someone who is a bit shall we say, seasoned in age, my ballet shoes have always been those of the street corner artist and musician. I have always loved the creative side of life. Seeing everyday images in waves of colors and shapes moving to the sounds of a musical underscore. Music and art for me have always been a salvation, a way to communicate feelings when words were not present, even on the page. Being brought up by a single mom who worked hard to put food on the table, there was not money or time for the unnecessary, frivolous things in life like art and music lessons. Yet somehow the desire, the passion never faded.

For years the flame burned low, while I myself struggled as a single mom to raise a family. While I have always worked extra hard to help my children reach their dreams of learning to play music or pursue a passion, I never allowed myself to put on my own “ballet shoes”. Yet, a true heart’s desire will not be contained.

Finding My Own Ballet Shoes

So as I write this blog to you, I share that I have now put on my own ballet shoes, that of a musician, learning to play guitar at the age of …well we won’t share that. Also, thanks to modern technology I have begun to learn sketching thanks to the Internet. While yes my ballet shoes are really more the bare feet of a creative soul, they are the shoes I most enjoy, shoes that bring me freedom, that make my heart soar and make me feel the most like my truest self. So I ask you what do your ballet shoes look like?

ballet shoes_lots of shoesMaybe your ballet shoes are hiking boots, to help you climb the tallest mountains. Or maybe your shoes are covered in flour from being a baker and creating scrumptious cakes. Do your shoes actually look like sports shoes? Allowing you to run fast, throw a football or lift weights. Maybe your shoes, much like me are no shoes at all, just your bare feet; so you can swim in the ocean. Then again, maybe your ballet shoes are…ballet shoes.

The point is no matter what your ballet shoes look like, they are yours. No matter what age, gender or race you are. No matter what country, religion or culture you embrace, your ballet shoes give you the freedom to find your passion and embrace your dream.

So now I ask you again…

What do your Ballet Shoes look like?



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