Amanda S.

I Like Hotdogs Review

I just read I Like Hot Dogs by Thomas V. Seminara and I love it. Let me tell you all about it. It is about a pelican named Phineas who doesn’t like to eat fish like the rest of the pelicans. Instead, when they eat fish Phineas likes to eat hot dogs. He waits at the pier until someone throws away their hot dog, and he swoops in to grab it. Phineas’ parents want Phineas to be more like all the other pelicans. Phineas is laughed at by the other pelicans and it embarrasses him and his family.

I can relate to Phineas because there were times when I felt different too, and people made fun of me. So one day, Phineas tries a fish that he finds. He tries to eat the fish but then the fish starts talking to him (that is my favorite part). Phineas stops eating the fish. The fishes name is Solomon and he speaks pelican. After a while, Solomon and Phineas become best friends and they share hot dogs together. This story teaches an important lesson: It is ok to be different. I would recommend this book because a story this good should be shared around the world with people who like hot dogs, and know that it’s ok to be different!

- Amanda S.


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