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Tomnao Books are written and illustrated with keeping family values in focus. The stories are lessons long forgotten or no longer a priority. The illustrations are works of art to stimulate the imagination. The stories and illustrations combined are new classics about the power of kindness, acceptance, and motivation.
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The Ballerina in the Box

With The Ballerina in The Box, Seminara shows us how dedication and believing in yourself can lead to great achievement, even when other people want to keep you boxed in.

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The Boy and The Yellow Cheese

This is a story that reminds us that even a small gesture of kindness can have a large impact.

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I Like Hot Dogs

This story is about acceptance and tolerance. To embrace our differences as individuals, no matter what they may be. Love yourself and be proud.

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Margie Carroll

As a children’s book author, I look for a plethora of compelling content, presentation, and purpose displayed in new books for kids before I embrace them. The new book series by Tomnao? Consider them embraced. There is no hate, no violence, no sarcasm, no alien attacks, no fear, just engaging tales wonderful enough to sooth a child before bedtime and drift like a dream layer overhead as sleep settles in.

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Amanda S.

I just read I Like Hot Dogs by Thomas V. Seminara and I love it. Let me tell you all about it. It is about a pelican named Phineas who doesn’t like to eat fish like the rest of the pelicans. Instead, when they eat fish Phineas likes to eat hot dogs. He waits at the pier until someone throws away their hot dog, and he swoops in to grab it.

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Jane R.

A treasure for the young and the young at heart is a book called The Boy and The Yellow Cheese by Thomas V. Seminara. The story, sprinkled with whimsical imagery, is an old fashioned narrative about a boy and his after school adventure. As a former educator, I was engaged by the descriptive writing in the tale which embraces a poignant lesson about the importance of small kindnesses and being thankful.

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Giavonna B.

As a self-proclaimed “geek”… Yeah I said it “geek”. Don’t get confused, not “nerd”, “geek” there is a difference. A “geek” (like me) has a social life and enjoys reading a good book. Speaking of good books, this one ranks in the top for me. Now, I have been reading since I was a toddler, so I have read many great books in my short 9 year life, and this one makes the list of “greats”.

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Author Bio

Meet Thomas V. Seminara

I was born in the Garden State of New Jersey, but as a young man I desired to go west and live in Los Angeles. I attended UCLA law school while pursuing an acting and modeling career. After 20 years of moderate success, I realized I was a better story teller than an actor. Coming from a typically large Italian family, I was gifted with abundant material. I’m an old fashioned story teller that likes to entertain and inspire.

One day, I had lunch with my close friend Naomi. We decided to combine my writing with her artistic talents and POOF – children’s books became our passion.

Illustrator Bio

Meet Naomi Litzenblatt

I consider myself to be a writer who weaves stories with her paintbrush. My art celebrates life and the majesty and dignity that each of us brings to this magical world. I rejoice in the beauty of music, dance, family and friendship, as they relate to each other and to the forces of nature.

As I listen to music, while gazing out of my studio window at the harmonies and disharmonies of nature, my internal world continually creates and recreates semi-human beings that dance off the canvas, to and from mystical worlds, ever conscious, and yet unconscious of the ultimate Supreme Being from Whom all the joy and music of life derives. Visit my website at www.artistnaomimalka.com .


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